March 10th: Tammy Duckworth 

Tammy Duckworth was born in Thailand and she moved around a lot for her father’s work, which resulted in her becoming fluent in Thai, Indonesian, and English.  After graduating high school in three years (she skipped the ninth grade), Duckworth got her B.A in political science from the University of Hawaii and her masters in international affairs from G.W.  Her military service began when she joined ROTC at G.W.  In 1990 she became a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve and decided to fly helicopters as it was one of the few combat positions available to women.  Duckworth was working on her PhD in 2004 when she was deployed to Iraq where she lost both her legs and severely damaged her right arm in November of ‘04.  She received a purple heart and continued to serve for 10 years before retiring from the army as a lieutenant colonel.  She then returned to school and completed her PhD in human services in 2015.  Duckworth is also a political figure.  She became the first disabled female to serve in the House of Representatives and recently, she became the first member of congress to have been born in Thailand.  Throughout her career in politics, Duckworth has been a strong advocate to the disabled and veterans, especially those suffering from PTSD and brain injuries.  She was also nominated by President Obama to serve as an assistant secretary in the United States Department of Veteran Affairs where she worked to combat homelessness among veterans.  Since January of this year Duckworth has been a senator of Illinois.  


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