March 31st: Kami Sid & Geena Rocero


You get to hear about two wonderful women today, congratulations!  Although Kami Sid and Geena Rocero have not (to my knowledge) met in person or worked together, they both are in the same industry and have made impressive accomplishments in their fields.  Both women are transgender (trans) models and use their platform to advance trans rights; and because today, March 31st is the day of transgender visibility, I thought that these two women would be appropriate to talk about.  Kami Sid is from Pakistan and is the country’s first transgender model.  The goal of her first photoshoot was to educate the public about what it means to be transgender, and to hopefully end some of the hatred and misconceptions about the identity.  Geena Rocero is a model from the philippines who was discovered by a photographer when she was 21 after she has been competing in beauty pageants for six years.  Rocero came out as transgender in March of 2014 while giving a Ted Talk and has since created Gender Proud, an advocacy group for trans people which hopes to increase their rights.  Representation in media and the people we see portrayed as beautiful is important, which is something that both women realize and use to their advantage.  Having transgender women be models, a job that often sets a societal standard for beauty, is incredibly powerful and helps normalize the transgender community.  To diverge slightly from simply giving you a biography of the women I write about, I would like to add that at a time when trans people, especially trans people of color, are often the victims of hate crimes and violence, I personally admire these two women for making themselves public figures, standing up for the rights of the transgender community, and helping to give transgender people such a positive and beautiful image.



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